An end-to-end Opportunity Analysis and Pursuit Management tool, for modern enterprises.

  • Description

    This cloud-based product was designed to enable the Sales people to identify the real opportunities from the pile of leads / opportunities. It will also guide them to focus on those areas which will enable them to close the deals.

    For Management, it also offers a role-based holistic insight of the Sales pipeline health. It also enables Management to view, approve or reject the pursuit of any Sales opportunity.

  • Objectives

    • Assess the various Risks associated with a Sales opportunity
    • Judge the overall Potential of this opportunity
    • Decide on whether to pursue this opportunity or not
    • Focus on immediate action areas, if the opportunity is to be pursued

  • When to use this

    At periodic intervals (typically once a Quarter), use this to analyze the status and progress of your Business Development practices.


Saves time and effort from pursuing wrong opportunities
Shortens Sales cycle for every opportunity
Improves Sales conversion significantly
Role-based insight into Sales pipeline health

This is a cloud-based product. Accessible anywhere, any time

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