Sales Training Programs

Bizwin is an established Sales management consulting firm for B2B companies with offices in New York, Bangalore and Stockholm. As a team of seasoned global business leaders we guide companies and organizations in establishing updated

b2b sales techniques

for the business. Our

sales training programs

/workshops would unleash and expand the sales potential of your team and help them get better leads with an accurate forecast.


At Bizwin we provide focused sales training workshops for junior-level, middle-level and senior-level executives covering all aspects of sales process. These training programs are conducted for full or half day and include topics from negotiation techniques to sales strategy and acceleration.

The sales professionals will be coached on the following:

  • Sales Strategy – covers 360 degree view of sales structure utilizing 14 key fundamental elements with an objective of improving profitability and sales in a period of12 months.
  • Sales Acceleration – would require effective data management and modeling through SaleX model and ARRC analysis which will help in developing a robust revenue model, sales stage planning, action plan and customer value creation (CVC).
  • Effective Cold calling & Prospecting – by employing checklists, useful techniques, time management techniques, case study and role playing, the sales professionals will be trained on effective sales calls and cold calling.
  • Objection Handling Negotiation and Deal closures – these techniques are taught with role play to increase 30 % in proposal conversion rate and better the pipeline velocity. Steps to handle different types of objections are a key part of this workshop. Once accumulated, this know-how leads to a higher closure, conversion rate.
  • Account Planning and Account Management – sales professionals are taught CVC Analysis, Power-Priority analysis and CLV calculation. The participants also learn about account status sheet, customer cycle and account dominance. The objective is to achieve a higher wallet share at a lower service cost.
  • Sales Forecasting – is another important aspect in sales here we cover lead scoring/assessment, opportunity categorization, forecasting techniques and scientific approach which leads to up to 90% accuracy in sales forecasting.

Sales training

with Bizwin will help you schedule, structure and organize your growth benchmark to plan and develop the sales process. These techniques are implemented by renowned corporate sales training 

teams with success stories from across the globe.


We incorporate current industry trends and professional developments into our b2b sales training 

methods. The sales training programs wherein we chart the sales growth plan of action, will improve your business at a quick and effectively pace and will enable companies to win consistently.